Hello World

Hi, I’m Ben (B17Z); a technologist who is skeptical of technology. Now, don’t get it confused with “I hate technology.” I am just not a technovangelist like some people are. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology; there just seems to be almost unlimited possibilities for it. But unlimited possibilites could also come with unlimited mistakes. I like to think about the human aspect behind technology. There is no shortage of opinion on technology vs. humanity.

Technology also affects almost everything we do in life so I wanted a spot to reflect on technology and how it affects my life and my perspective.

An ancedote: I love to read. The act of reading has definitely changed since the advent of Amazon, tablets and Kindles. People started reading stuff on their tablets more and more. I have tried to to adapt electronic reading but I can’t seem to focus long enough or I get screen induced headaches. I went back to physical books almost two years ago and I have consumed books at a much higher rate. I don’t get screen fatigue while staring at paper pages. I also don’t find myself falling into a rabbit hole of links and forgetting how I got where I got to. Ironically, I am still slow at reading because I like to markup my books and write reflections on them. And this aspect continues to affect how I do things even with technology supposedely making my life more convenient. I find myself being much more analog than ever before. I still put pen to paper; hell, I still sometimes think about my programs on paper first before I implement them. I only started really thinking about these things and technology after I graduated college and where you’re standing right now is the advent of my journey.

Some Background