Bitlog Entry 0: Welcome to Bitlog

Dec 28, 2018 20:07 · 433 words · 3 minute read bitlog learning entry 0

Hello Bitlog!

This is an introduction to the idea of Bitlog. With the advent of stuff like Free Code Camp and various MOOCs, learning development is more accessible than ever. Many blogs also note different ways to learn different things through tutorials, explanations, and project demonstrations. This is my version of that. I do apologize that I am adding to the noise but I do hope this is helpful for any of you readers that find your way to my corner of the internet. This is also helpful for me because one thing I did back in college was being a TA for various courses. I loved teaching the budding developers what I learned not even one or two semester prior. I was able to help solidify some of the stuff I learned in those courses. The idea here is that not only will I (hope to) help you but I will definitely help myself by trying to teach what I’ve learned.

“I couldn’t reduce it to the freshman level. That means we really don’t understand it.” – Richard Feynman

So, let’s see how much I understand of this entire process.

“I suspect that whatever cannot be said clearly is probably not being thought clearly either.” – Peter Singer

What You Will Find Here

There will be a lot of web development based stuff in the beginning. But I won’t stop there. I do a lot of different things (Cue the: “Jack of all trades; master of none” quote). I did do a computer science degree so I will add things such as data structures and algorithms, operating systems, data science, among others but not until a little later. I believe in the idea of focusing on a select few things first and then moving on to other things. There’s a fine line between learning different things and being scatterbrained.

You will find stuff like:

  • Tutorials on certain technologies
  • Explanations of how some of the technologies work under the hood
  • Small project walkthroughs
  • My own old man rants on how certain technologies do things
  • My own struggles with learning new things
  • My own notes from how I studied these things
  • Notes from technical books I have read
  • Resources such as books, blogs, prominent people in the fields, etc

Among other things that are appropriate for a Bit Log series.

Hope You Will Join Me

Anyway, I’ve been known to be long-winded and have a certain penchant for flowery talk. I will try to cut down on that on this series and get straight to the point. But who doesn’t like a good story?

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